GAMPs Classics

Sly to Caracas


Great mix of: dark rum, white creme de cacao, Green Chartreuse, pineapple juice and lime juice.
Served in an Old Fashioned glass with crushed ice & a kaffir lime leave.

The Partisan

A strange mix to the ear, but delicious to the palate. Blackberries, Angostura Bitters, Passionfruit and lots of Bourbon (Woodford Reserve preferably but works great with Jack Daniels)

Smoked Apple Margarita Popsicle


Well, how to describe this? Great for summer times, this is as it sounds… Unreal taste and texture, all is done with a secret recipe but in essence is apple sirup, tequila, some of that secret, lemon and a touch of sugar sirup.

Blackberry Sour


Thanks to the sweet & sour of the blackberry, the punch of a good white rum and to increase that sourness a bit of lemon juice, make this drink perfect for the beginning of the summer.

Pome Pisco Sour

Pome Pisco Sour

Incredible well balanced, sweet and sour with a fruity hint of pomegranate, and off course, fresh egg white for depth and texture.

Spiced Bahía


Great and refreshing very spiced drink, ‘enhancing a blast of flavours’, from the chilli, sweet & sour, with a touch of elderflower liquor (St. Germain) and to boost the alcohol content on it we add some Absolute Vodka (Cachaça or white agricole rum can also be used).
This is a complex but yet delicious drink for our repertoire.

Guarapo Sour

Guarapo Sour.jpg

The Pineapple is a beloved fruit to all venezuelans. We use it in desserts, drinks, fermented drinks or simply as it is.
The “Guarapo” is the base for a famous fermented drink called “Chicha Andina” so bear in mind that its fermented flavor reminds to the one of the apple sider.
Having said that… This version of the Sour Cocktail contains a great selection of products with Ron Claro “Ron Santa Teresa“adding a touch of oak to our mix strengthening it with some sweet Rum, the Guarapo e’ Piña adds a smoke tart flavour, the Lemon juice increases the acidity and add balance to the drink and our own special “Chilli Sugar” it sweetness maintains alive the chilli burn and it’s scent on the top of the balloon glass and off course being a sour add fresh egg white for depth and texture “perfect for all occasions and seasons”.

Amaretto & Vodka Spiced Blazer

Amaretto & Vodka Spiced Blazer

Check the video on this post (CLICK HERE), this drink is a warm drink so it is specially good for winter, having said that, it has a great nutty flavour from the Amaretto and a unique “silken” feel, with rich and mellow undertones from the really smooth vodka (in this occasion we used Smirnoff Black) which is higher in alcohol, therefore you can burn a bit more without loosing much of the body.

Smoking Venezuelan Swirl


Great Combo made of Amontillado Sherry, Aged Rum (preferably  from Guyana “El Dorado 5 Year Old is great”, lime and grapefruit juice, cinnamon syrup and a drizzle of Laphroaig 10 YO whiskey, all this garnished with a wheel of lime and a burning cinnamon stick. great smokey flavour with the punch of Rum and very fruity, very nice cocktail when in doubt of what you’d like.

(Smoky) Mandarine Margarita 




Our Sweet and beloved (Smoky optional) Margarita is made with Lemon and Mandarine Juice, Alacran Tequila & a drip of Alacra Espadin Mezcal, straight sugar syrup (Liqueur de Curaçao”Triple Sec”), shaked and served over ice (or without) on a cup rimmed with black salt.



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